Instants of people with something special

Piazza di Spagna, Roma

TFB_255_PiazzaSpagna by Berta Coll

Consorzio Sant’ Elmo. Via Banchina Porto, 5. Alghero

TFB_253_Alguer by Berta Coll

Port Tino Rossi, Aiacciu

TFB_252_Ajaccio by Berta Coll

Port Tino Rossi, Aiacciu

TFB_251_Ajaccio by Berta Coll

The cartoonist and caricaturist Toni Batllori during the book signing for Sant Jordi. Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

TFB_254_Toni Batllori by Berta Coll

Pujada de Sant Domènec, Girona

TFB_249_Girona by Berta Coll

Unité d’Habitation. 280 Boulevard Michelet, Marseille.

TFB_248_Marseille_by Berta Coll

Via dell’Oriuolo, Firenze

TFB_247_Firenze_by Berta Coll

Piazza del Duomo, Firenze

TFB_246_Firenze_by Berta Coll

Piazza del Duomo, Milano

TFB_245_Milano_by Berta Coll

433 West 34 St, NYC

TFB_243_NYC_by Berta Coll

Columbus Park, Chinatown, NYC

TFB_242_NYC_by Berta Coll

TFB_242_NYC_by Berta Coll

5th Ave / 42nd St

TFB_241_NYC_by Berta Coll

Broadway Ave / Rector St

TFB_239_NYC_by Berta Coll


TFB_239_2_NYC_ MET Berta Coll


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